A tractor-trailer-size sinkhole has turned a central Florida shopping center parking lot into a no-man's land overnight.The hole, which officials in Winter Haven, Florida, said was 70 feet long and 15 feet deep, is across the street from a Legoland but has become a local attraction with residents stopping by to see it for themselves.

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Raw video: Sinkhole swallows Corvettes at a Kentucky museum.

"This is remarkable. I cannot believe this," said a resident named Julie. "This, to me, is a little bit scarier than an earthquake."

The sinkhole started as a small depression in the parking lot outside Publix supermarket early Thursday.

Clare Barroso told ABC News affiliate WFTS-TV in Tampa Bay that she unknowingly had parked by the hole this morning.

"[I] parked at 5:45, went into the store and about 7:30, my boss said, 'Grab your keys. There's a sinkhole behind your car,'" she said.

Three hours later, the hole had grown so large, a school bus could fit inside of it.

"I'm very lucky," Barroso said.

Scientists said that building on unstable land combined with the state's heavy summer rains was likely to blame. No injuries were reported.

Crews evacuated three businesses as a precaution. The property manager said he planned to repair the lot this weekend after a geologist had determined the ground around the hole was stable.

Sean Hannity says it's official: He's moving to Florida, and he will have a ranch in Texas.

Hannity first threatened to leave New York, the state where he was born and now resides, in January after Gov. Andrew Cuomo said conservatives have "no place" in his state. Since then, the Republican governors of both Texas and Florida have made pitches to Hannity to move to their states. Both have no state income tax.

Hannity listed his Long Island home for sale in February for $3.6 million, Newsday reported at the time. 

Hannity hosts a prime-time television show on Fox News Channel and a nationally syndicated radio show, both based in New York.

But at the close of an interview Wednesday with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, Hannity said,

"You're soon going to be my senator."

"Is that final?" Rubio asked, sounding surprised.

"I'm going to Florida, and I'm going to get a little Texas ranch," Hannity said. "I've decided I'm leaving New York when my kid graduates high school."

"Well, that's a great choice, then," Rubio responded. "We're glad to have you in Florida."

Hannity said he has "a little place in Naples," but will probably be getting a bigger one at the urging of his wife.

A parent who complained about a book assigned to his daughter at Gilford High School in Gilford, New Hampshire, was arrested and taken away in handcuffs from a school board meeting for refusing to “be quiet” when repeatedly admonished by a board member.

William Baer, whose ninth-grade daughter last week was assigned the book “Nineteen Minutes,” came to the meeting to protest the book’s assignment and the district’s failure to notify parents the book contained graphic descriptions of “rough sex” between teens.

According to a report in the Laconia Daily Sun, Baer challenged the board to actually read aloud that portion of “Nineteen Minutes” during the meeting, but school officials refused.

Before speaking, Baer was told he had two minutes.

Baer spoke beyond the time limit and then sat down, but then exchanged words with another parent who approved of the book.

“So what is the remedy here?” Baer asked.

The board said it would not take questions on the matter.

“Sir, would you please be respectful of the other people?” a school board member responded.

“Like you’re respectful of my daughter, right? And my children?” he countered.

“Please, be quiet,” admonished the board member.

A police officer then arrived at the scene, instructing Baer to leave with him.

“You are going to arrest me because I violated the two-minute rule?” the father said. “I guess you are going to have to arrest me.”

But Baer did get support from other parents.

Sarah Carrignan said, according to the Sun, that she was “‘utterly appalled that this was acceptable. My son should never have had the book in his hand.”

Part of the problem was that when the book was used previously in the school, parents were notified and asked for permission for their children to participate.

The school this year didn’t notify parents until after students already were assigned the book and given access to the material.

Gilford Police Lt. James Leach, who was at the meeting, ordered Baer to leave the meeting, and then handcuffed the parent. Reports say Baer was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

The report said Baer had challenged Principal Kent Hemingway to read aloud the controversial section. But board chairman Sue Allen said no one from the board or administration would do that.

“Nineteen Minutes,” published in 2007 by best-selling author Jodi Picoult, was described by a reviewer on Good Reads as not having “the artistic writing that Picoult’s earlier novels did.”

“In ‘Nineteen Minutes,’ Picoult told a story – a good one. But the nuance and magic of her earlier writing is gone,” the review said. It’s about, “Peter Houghton, picked on by school mates from the first day of kindergarten, enters Sterling High, and in nineteen minutes kills ten and wounds another nineteen students.”

The reviewer recommended it “for someone desperate for anything to read.”

Hemingway and Allen defended the book as a “thematically important” exploration into the background and motivations of a fictional school shooting, despite a graphic description of teenage rough sex on page 313 that suggests the type of violence commonly associated with “date rape.”

The Leader reported Allen later issued a statement concerning the assignment: “The board apologizes for the discomfort of those impacted and for the failure of the school district to send home prior notice of assignment of the novel.”

The statement continued, “The school district policies IGE, IJ, IJA, KEC (available on the school district website) refer to the procedures for the use of novels controversial material. The district will take immediate action to revise these policies to include notification that requires parents to accept controversial material rather than opt out. Furthermore, the notification will detail more specifically the controversial material. These policies will be revised prior to the 2014-15 school year.”

Baer said there were two standards being applied, one for teachers requiring students to read such material, and a separate standard for the public.

“If I stood outside the school and started handing out copies of page 313 of that book, I am confident I could be arrested for the distribution of pornographic material to minors,” Baer said. “I don’t understand why it’s OK for the high school to require our 9th grade children have to read such material, but I get arrested because I want to object to it. Something here is very wrong.”

Gilford police released a statement that Baer was arrested for continuing to speak after Allen told him to stop.

“Baer refused to stop and told Leach to arrest him,” the police statement continued. “Baer was removed from the meeting and arrested.”

Baer was held for a couple hours before being released on $700 personal recognizance bail.

Police said Baer has a court date set on June 17, at 8:15 a.m.

Baer told WND he first found out about the novel when a friend scanned the book and came across page 313.

“My friend was flabbergasted with what he was reading,” Baer recalled. “Then my wife came into the room and she was shocked our daughter was being assigned in an English class to read a novel with this kind of graphic sex described.”

He contacted other parents, and then was contacted by the principal, with an invitation to meet to discuss concerns.

“We met at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. I told him that my daughter had the book in her hands for a week and I never got a notice from the school asking my permission for her to read it. He said it was an oversight because the book has been on the school’s class reading list since it came out in 2007. I explained that I felt I should have gotten a notice where I could have opted-out from my daughter having to read the book.”

He continued, “The book goes on-on-on after the sex scene, talking about the girl getting pregnant and wanting to have an abortion,” he explained. “So, I went to the school board meeting to complain that the school never gave me a chance to say I didn’t want my 14-year-old daughter reading a book like this that I consider to be pornographic.”


U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday called supporters of Bunkerville rancher Cliven
“domestic terrorists” because they defended him against a
Bureau of Land Management cattle roundup with guns and put their children in
harm’s way.

“Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing
more than domestic terrorists,” Reid said during an appearance at a Las Vegas
Review-Journal “Hashtags & Headlines” event at the Paris. “… I repeat: what
went on up there was domestic terrorism.”

The BLM shut down its weeklong
of Bundy’s cattle Saturday after an armed confrontation
with dozens of militia members who had traveled to Southern Nevada from across
the country and from neighboring states.

Bundy has not paid federal grazing fees
for 20 years
and owes about $1 million to the government.

Reid, the Senate majority leader who is in Las Vegas during Congress’ Easter
recess, is known for not pulling punches. The senator said he talked last week
with federal, state and local officials about Bundy as well as the Nevada
Cattlemen’s Association, which has not backed Bundy’s personal battle but has
expressed concerns about access to public land.

The senator said he spoke with Attorney General Eric Holder, FBI leaders and
Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie. Reid said he understands there’s a task
force being set up to deal with Bundy, and Gillespie is involved as well.

“It is an issue that we cannot let go, just walk away from,” Reid said.

Reid accused Bundy backers of bringing their children to protest the BLM so
that federal authorities might harm them, which would prompt negative headlines
around the world and hurt the government’s case against the rancher.

“There were hundreds — hundreds of people from around the country — that came
there,” Reid said. “They had sniper rifles on the freeway. They had assault
weapons. They had automatic weapons.”

According to Reid, some protesters said they had “children and women lined up
because if anyone got hurt we wanted to make sure they got hurt first, because
we want the federal government hurting women and children. … What if others
tried the same thing?”

No shots were fired during the confrontation.

Reid didn’t have kind words for Bundy either, calling him a lawbreaker.

“Clive Bundy does not recognize the United States,” Reid said. “He says that
the United States is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes. He doesn’t
pay his fees. And he doesn’t follow the law. He continues to thumb his nose at

Bundy and his family did not respond to requests for comment on Reid’s

Reid noted there are two court orders allowing the BLM to conduct the roundup
of Bundy’s 500 to 900 “trespass cattle,” which have long roamed on federal
public land that the Bundy family homesteaded in the 1870s. Some of the land
includes habitat for the threatened desert tortoise, which the federal
government is trying to protect by limiting grazing.

During the question-and-answer forum, Reid was asked by R-J columnist Steve
Sebelius, the moderator, what might happen in the Bundy case and and what should
be done about supporters “who are willing to shed blood for the cause.”

“I hope that’s not the case,” Reid said, turning somber. “I repeat, we are a
country of laws. … We can’t let this happen.”

If Bundy wins his battle with the BLM, it could set a precedent where
protesters and militias might come to the aid of other farmers and ranchers who
have land disputes with the federal government, much like the Sagebrush
Rebellion in the 1970s and 1980s. The federal government owns about 85 percent
of Nevada land and politicians, particularly states’ rights conservatives, have
long argued the state should try to take back or buy back the property.

Nevada’s 1864 Constitution, however, cedes rights to the vast stretches of
public land to the federal government.

“The people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever
disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within
said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire
disposition of the United States,” the state Constitution says in the ordinance

Reid noted many of the protesters care deeply about the Constitution, both
state and federal.

“Nevada’s Constitution sets out very clearly the situation,” Reid said.

Reid also addressed several other issues during the hour-long Q&A

  “I admire Sandoval,” Reid said, explaining they work together on Nevada
interests, including economic development.

Sandoval, who is expected to win re-election this year, beat Reid’s son,
Rory, in his first 2010 campaign. The governor has said he has no interest in
leaving his gubernatorial job early, but the 2016 speculation about him

“If Brian Sandoval wants to run against me a few years fro now, he has a
right to do it,” Reid said. “I’m not a virgin. I’ve had a few races in my day. …
I’m not going to pick on him just to pick on him.”

Asked if Reid would rather work with a Democratic governor, he said, “Sure,
I’d rather have a Democrat. But in the meantime, I’m going to continue to work
with him the best I can.”

— On the 2016 presidential race, Reid refused to say who his favorite White
House hopeful is, but mentioned Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton,
the former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady.

“I love Hillary Clinton,” Reid said. “I like Joe Biden. … We’ll see what

— On U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ken., a potential GOP presidential candidate,
Reid said he liked him. “He’s a true believer.”

— On Republicans in Congress, Reid also spent some time criticizing GOP
leaders, saying they won’t cooperate.

“They have agreed to nothing,” Reid said. “This has been very hurtful.”

— On increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, Reid discounted critics
who say it could cost jobs because businesses will be afraid to hire. He said
during the Great Depression, the U.S. learned that higher wages help boost the

“When people have money, they spend money,” Reid said.

— On U.S. Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., Reid said he and his GOP colleague agree
more than they disagree. “People focus on the negative stuff,” Reid said. “Why
don’t they focus on the positive?”

Accusing Boston Children’s Hospital of running a “psychological experiment” 
on a captive teenager, the parents and supporters of Justina Pelletier are 
contesting in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court the state’s seizure of 
her custody.

 A writ of habeas corpus was filed Monday, asking that she be brought before a
  court to determine whether or not there are grounds for state custody.

, the 15-year-old was  taken forcibly from her parents
after they took her to Boston Children’s, where  doctors after a minutes-long
visit decided to treat her differently than  physicians had been treating her
for months. They banned other opinions and  wouldn’t let her go home with her

Judge  Joseph Johnston in Boston ruled March 25
that custody of Pelletier will  remain with the Massachusetts Department of
Children and Families “until a  future hearing” which, according to Liberty
Council, will not occur before May  20.

Just a day earlier, the state agency was accused of contempt of court for not
  following a judicially approved plan for treatment of the teen.

, which is representing  Justina’s parents, charged the
girl “was essentially kidnapped by Massachusetts  DCF after her parents took her
to Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) to see Dr.  Flores, a physician who had
treated Justina before at Tufts Medical Center for  gastrointestinal

Even though she had been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, which causes 
muscle pain and weakness, doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital said she had a 
mental condition and removed custody from her parents.

On Monday, Liberty Council said the petition was filed to a single justice of
  the Massachusetts court.

The petition and memorandum of law “requests that Justina be released from 
the Massachusetts Department of Children & Families and be returned to the 
custody of her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier.”

“Massachusetts DCF has no right to hold Justina captive. This is 
unacceptable. Justina needs to return home,”‘ said Mat Staver, founder and 
chairman of Liberty Counsel.

The legal briefs argue that there is no authority for the state agency to 
have custody and that its actions are violating the constitutionally protected 
rights of parents.

For example, a required findings of fact never has been released, the brief 
argues. Nor has the juvenile court issued the determinations required to support
  state custody, the brief says.

“This case comes down to the simple fact that new doctors at Boston 
Children’s Hospital (BCH), who had no experience with Justina, came up with a 
different diagnosis than her expert treating physicians at Tufts Medical 
Center,” said Staver. “The state cannot take children from their parents when 
the parents make reasonable choices for their medical care. This case is 

“The psychological experiment of Boston Children’s Hospital, under the 
sanction of DCF, has miserably failed. Justina has gone from a competitive 
figure skater to being confined to a wheelchair,” said Staver.

Fourteen months ago, Justina was seized by Massachusetts DCF after her 
parents, at the direction of Dr. Mark Korson, took her to Boston Children’s 
Hospital to see Dr. Alejandro Flores, a gastroenterologist who had previously 
treated Justina when he worked at Tufts Medical Center before he transferred to 

Korson, chief of metabolic services at Tufts Medical Center, was Justina’s 
primary physician who was treating her for mitochondrial disease. Instead of 
allowing Justina to see Flores, Justina saw Dr. Jurriaan Peters, a BCH resident 
only seven months out of medical school. He brought in Dr. Simona Bujoreanu, a 
psychologist who coauthored an article in which she contends that in up to 50 
percent of children who present with physical complaints, the complaints are not
  physical but mental.

According to Liberty Counsel, without consulting with Korson or Flores, 
Bujoreanu rendered a diagnosis of Somatoform Disorder. Without a thorough review
  of her care, she opined that Justina’s physical complaints were mental, not 

BCH then presented the family with a new treatment plan to discontinue all 
medical care and medications and which forbade any second opinions, Liberty 
Counsel explained. When the parents refused to sign the new treatment plan and 
requested that Justina be discharged so they could take her back to Tufts 
Medical Center, BCH called DCF, and DCF prevented the family from discharging 
Justina. Fourteen months later, DCF still retains custody of Justina.

WND reported
that there also  is a proposal in Congress that would
block federal tax dollars from states with  policies that “conflict with
personal liberty.”

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, who is considering introducing the bill, joined
  with the nonprofit legal advocacy group Liberty Council, the Citizens
Commission  on Human Rights and Republican state Rep. Marc Lombardo to call for
the release  of Pelletier  from Massachusetts state custody to the care of her

“I find certain state policies involving individual and personal medical 
decisions to be disconcerting,” Stockman said. “It is my firm belief that we 
should not provide federal dollars, through NIH grants, to states that maintain 
policies that conflict with personal liberty.”

Stockman said Thursday that taxpayer dollars also “should not be spent on 
research performed upon people without their consent.”

A Liberty Council investigation revealed Bujoreanu diagnosed Justina 
Pelletier with Somatoform Disorder after only 25 minutes with the teen, without 
contacting other physicians.

Bujoreanu is researching Somatoform under a grant from the federal National 
Institutes of Health. Any ward of the state is subject to research being 
performed on them without their consent, even if the research is not primarily 
for the ward’s benefit.

Sources have reported Justina has spent most of her time in state custody 
locked in a psychiatric ward.

ARDMORE, Okla. – An Oklahoma family says they are devastated after they claim
an officer shot and killed their dog last week for no reason.

According to a witness, the family says the officer then took delight in the

Officers with the Ardmore Police Department say they received several
complaints about the pit bull acting aggressively and shot the dog near a park
to protect the public.

Sarah Brown says a neighbor witnessed the shooting after her dog, Cali, had
jumped over the backyard fence.

Brown says the neighbor saw an officer use a shotgun to kill Cali.

She added that the officer allegedly bragged about how “awesome” it looked
when her collar flew off.

Brown says nearly 15,000 signatures have been collected on a Change petition from
people who are outraged by the shooting.

Many are demanding the officer lose his job.

Cpt. Eric Hamblin says that officer has received death threats, but a review
of the incident showed he acted according to protocol.

According to the police report, “It was determined that the dog had to be
euthanized for the safety of the nearby park and neighborhood as the dog’s owner
could not be located, nor could it be captured.”

Brown disputes that claim, saying her neighbors have never complained to her
about her dog being aggressive.
Richard Wright was brightening the days
of dozens of strangers in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) in Canada, by handing out C$50 and C$100 bills. As reported by Metro News
, last week Wright was giving cash to different people he
encountered in HRM and asking that the recipients, “thank God” for the gift and
if they didn’t need the money, to pass it on to someone else. The Prince Edward
Island (P.E.I.) Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called to conduct a wellness
check on Wright. So, when he was seen driving, officers stopped the generous
man. After speaking with him, they felt that Mr. Wright needed “further
assessment by a medical health person.”

  Mr. Wright’s daughter, Chelsea, called
attention to her father’s circumstances when she recently posted a photo of him
and said that he had received “unfair” treatment by the hospital and the police.
Her father has not been allowed to leave the hospital despite insistence that he
is had no mental-health issues. Chelsea explained that her father worked hard to
save money and when the family was on vacation in Halifax, he simply decided to
share “some extra money” with those in need. 
Health P.E.I. would not comment on
Wright’s specific case, but released a statement saying, “A patient is always
admitted at the clinical recommendation of a physician who has met with and
assessed the patient.”

In an earlier report, Metro
  noted that
some who met Wright said that he told people he lived in the woods and spoke
about, “…a movement coming to take the wealth from the ‘one percent’ and
distribute it to the people.” Questions were then raised about the mental-health
of the man and if it was right to accept his money. But Bev Cadham of the
Canadian Mental Health Association’s local branch, said that that Wright had
spoken to two people affiliated with the program. Cadham doesn’t believe he’s
mentally ill, instead she said, “He’s a generous individual and is wrapped up in
the acts of kindness, and is wanting to help people.”

Mr. Wright has many supporters who have
started the Facebook group, #OpFreeRichardWright, calling for his release. In
the group’s description, Wright’s advocates say that the giving man handed out
the money anonymously because he did not want attention for his random acts of

They’re the carcinogens you won’t read much about in the establishment media:
birth-control pills and abortion.

The evidence linking hormones and
breast cancer just keeps pouring in. What kind of hormones? Those found in
birth-control pills and those associated with abortions.
prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reported Feb. 27
the rate of metastatic breast cancer in women ages 25 to 39 nearly doubled
between 1976 and 2009, from 1.53 to 2.9 per 100,000.
The American
Council on Science and Health calls the increase “slight.” But Dr. Jane Orient,
executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons,
points out there has been no corresponding increase in older
Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast
Cancer, said it was “utterly stunning” that JAMA lead author Rebecca Johnson’s
team called the increased incidence in advanced cancers among young women
“That’s a nearly doubled increase in the incidence of a
disease with a mean five-year fatality rate of 69 percent,” she said. “By
contrast, the mean five-year fatality rate among women with breast cancers that
have not spread to distant sites is 13.2 percent.”
And what
distinguishes the younger women from the older? The sexual revolution, says
“Young women in huge numbers have taken higher doses of
hormones than their menopausal sisters – in birth-control pills,” she

In 2005, the World Health
Organization classified oral contraceptives as Class-1 carcinogens, one of only
about 100 substances found to be “carcinogenic in humans.”
said breast cancer is generally hormone sensitive and is often treated with
anti-estrogens. And pregnancy is the most important cause of a high estrogen
She noted estrogen increases by 2,000 percent by the end of
the first trimester, increasing cancer vulnerability. However, by the end of
pregnancy, 85 percent of breast-cancer tissue has become cancer-resistant
because of hormones made by the fetal-placenta presence.
That means
a completed pregnancy protects against breast cancer. The protection is lost
when a pregnancy is aborted, making a woman even more vulnerable to breast
Orient said at least 29 studies have shown a significant
increase in breast cancer in women who have had an abortion. She said many
studies indicate abortion may increase the risk of breast cancer by an average
of 30 percent.
Orient says women “at the very least lose the
protective effect of the first full-term pregnancy if they abort their first
She thinks women should be informed about the growing
evidence linking abortion and breast cancer. Even if they do have an abortion,
she said, they could at least be extra-vigilant and get early
Why aren’t more women informed of the studies linking
birth control, abortions and breast cancer?
“It’s peculiar, but not
surprising, that the authors offered no hypotheses in their paper explaining the
increased incidence in advanced cancers among young women,” said Malec.
“Abortion and use of hormonal contraceptive steroids among teenagers are the
elephants in the living room that the medical establishment
WND has been reporting on the topic for
In 2010, Bradley Mattes, executive director of the Life
Issues Institute told WND that for years, major research institutes have denied
any link between abortion and breast cancer because the issue has been
“It’s not politically correct to acknowledge that,”
said Mattes. “It took many years for the link between smoking and lung cancer to
be acknowledged.”
The Komen Foundation contributed $731,000 to
Planned Parenthood in fiscal year 2009, and $3 million over the preceding five
“They deny there’s a link between abortion and breast
cancer,” Mattes told WND at the time. “Even if the media came down and hit them
in the head, I don’t believe that they’d change their mind because they believe
abortion is a positive.”
According to Mattes, the Komen Institute
was fully aware of the new developments in the study of breast cancer causes but
would continue to support Planned Parenthood in any case, because the
organization is “steeped” in pro-abortion philosophy.
“The details
have been shared repeatedly with the organization,” said Mattes. “This is not an
issue of them being uninformed.”
Mattes noted that Nancy Brinker,
the founder of Komen, has been involved with Planned Parenthood for many
A Komen spokesman confirmed to WND that Brinker did “at one
time many years ago, serve briefly on the board of directors for the North Texas
chapter of Planned Parenthood.”
That 2010 WND article also pointed
out evidence was mounting that abortion contributes to breast cancer. A study in
Sri Lanka found abortion “triples” the risk of breast cancer.
London Daily Mail reported that three other studies, in China, Turkey and the
U.S., came to “similar conclusions.”
According to the British
paper, Louise Brinton, a senior researcher with the U.S. National Cancer
Institute who did not accept the link, reversed her position earlier that year
to say she was now convinced abortion increased the risk of breast cancer by
about 40 percent.
Another organization fighting abortion and breast
cancer, the Coalition on Abortion–Breast Cancer, quoted a study conducted by a
second National Cancer Institute-commissioned scientist, Janet Daling, whom it
described as “an abortion supporter:”
“[A]mong women who had been
pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced
an induced abortion was 50 percent higher than among other
A WND story in 2007 reported a study showed abortions could
be classified as carcinogens, because the number of breast cancer cases could be
predicted reasonably accurately based on the number of abortions in a given
The study, “The Breast Cancer Epidemic: Modeling and
Forecasts Based on Abortion and Other Risk Factors,” was done by Patrick S.
Carroll of London-based research institute PAPRI. The results were published in
the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.
It showed, that
among risk factors, abortion is the “best predictor of breast
The results showed that in nations with higher abortions
rates, such as England and Wales, higher breast cancer incidence was
“Where abortion rates are low (i.e., Northern Ireland and
the Irish Republic) a smaller increase is expected,” the study
WND reported in 2005 that for the first time, an abortion
clinic had accepted an order of judgment for performing the procedure without
informing the patient of psychological risks and increased risk of breast

The lawsuit against
the All Women’s Health Services clinic in Portland, Ore., was the second of its
kind in the U.S. to be successfully prosecuted but the first to obtain a
Jonathan Clark, attorney for the 19-year-old plaintiff,
told WND he believed the judgment “makes a pretty powerful statement about the
science,” indicating the clinic was not willing to argue against the claim that
there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.
In 2010, WND’s
Jill Stanek also reported on the link between birth control and
In April 2009, seven researchers from organizations highly
respected in scientific academia had published a study, “Risk factors for
triple-negative breast cancer in women under the age of 45 years,” in the
journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.
The focus
of the report was the revelatory finding that “a distinct etiology” exists
between oral contraceptive use and triple-negative breast cancer, a particularly
virulent form of the disease that typically strikes women under 45, including
many African-American.
This study was funded by the National
Institutes of Health.
The seven researchers concluded the risk for
triple-negative breast cancer rose 250 to 420 percent, depending on the length
of oral contraceptive use.

As part of a deal signed last week in Washington DC between the Russian
Emergency Situations Ministry and FEMA, Russian officials will provide security
at mass events in the United States, a scenario that wont sit well with
Americans wary of foreign assets operating on US soil.
According to
a press release by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense and
Emergencies, US and Russian officials met on June 25 at the 17th Joint
U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on Emergency Situations.
addition to agreeing with FEMA to exchange experts during joint rescue
operations in major disasters, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry will
also be providing gsecurity at mass events in the United

This suggests that events designated as National Special
Security Events by the Department of Homeland Security, which include the Super
Bowl, international summits such as the G8 and presidential inaugurations, will
now rely partly on Russian authorities to provide security.
meeting last week also agreed on the conclusion that US and Russian emergency
authorities will increase their co-operation, in order to respond efficiently
to all kinds of disasters
The use of foreign troops or other
officials in a law enforcement capacity providing gsecurityh inside the United
States is illegal under Posse Comitatus. Capt. William Geddes of the U.S. Army
Reserve acknowledged last year that it is against federal law to use US troops
to conduct police patrols, despite the fact that such occurrences are becoming
increasingly common. The use of foreign troops is an even more clear cut
violation of Posse Comitatus.
Last year Russian troops were invited
to the US as part of a Fort Carson, Colorado drill focused around anti-terror
training. Aside from learning how to target terrorists in America, the Russian
soldiers were also out in the local community attending a baseball game in
Colorado Springs.
As Mac Slavo writes, Rumors have circulated for
years about the possibility of foreign troops being deployed on U.S. soil in the
event of a widespread declaration of a national emergency. For quite some time
there have been anecdotal reports to support the claim that the U.N., Russia and
other nations would be used in a policing capacity should some critical event
befall our nation
The fear should such a scenario take place has
been that these soldiers would act under the banner of their own flags, ignoring
the fundamental protections afforded to our citizens, leaving Americans under
the jurisdiction of people who dont speak our language or respect our
fundamental rights to self defense, to be secure in our homes, and to be
presumed innocent in the eyes of the law.
Concerns about foreign
troops being used on US soil have lingered ever since the release of State
Department Publication 7277, which is a blueprint for the harmonization of US
and Russian forces under a framework of United Nations-led global
Back in 2008 it was also reported that US and Canadian
authorities had signed an agreement that would pave the way to using each
others militaries on both sides of the border during an
Alex Jones has documented foreign troops being trained
on U.S. soil to deal with insurgents since the late 1990s as part of urban
warfare drills
Back in July 2010 Operation Vigilant Guard
exercises in Chicago which involved Polish troops training alongside U.S.
National Guard troops in drills focused around raiding terrorists and drug
According to SFC Mark Ballard of the Illinois National
Guard, the Polish forces were integrating into some of the civil military units
that are participating in  exercises as part of Illinois partnership with
the Republic of Poland, a relationship based around integrative training and
blending military and civilian forces in the event of a national emergency, as
well as making this process of integration with foreign troops more visible in
the United States.

are you sending your kids to a public school??

Are your children being
forced to kiss each other maybe so if they go to school in New

Outraged parents say a New York middle school instructed young
female students to ask one another for a lesbian kiss – and boys learned how to
spot young sluts – in an anti-bullying presentation on gender identity and
sexual orientation, according to Fox News’ Todd Starnes.
to Starnes’ Report, the children attended a special April 11 health class taught
by college students at Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, N.Y. Parents say
they were not notified of the presentation.
The students were
introduced to terms such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.”
Some of
the young female students said they were told it was common for 14-year-old
girls to have sex and their parents couldn’t stop them.
Mandy Coon,
a mother of an eighth-grade student said, “I am furious. I am her parent. Where
does anyone get the right to tell her that it’s OK for her to have

According to Fox News, Coon said her daughter was
distressed by the presentation and wondered why she’d been required to ask
another girl to kiss her.
“She told me, ‘Mom, we all get teased and
picked on enough – now I’m going to be called a lesbian because I had to ask
another girl if I could kiss her,’” Coon said.
According to the
mother, the school said the lesson was meant to “teach girls boundaries and how
to say no.”
“They also picked two girls to stand in front of the
class and pretend they were lesbians on a date,” Coons said.
Poughkeepsie Journal reported that Red Hook Central School District
Superintendent Paul Finch said the class focused on “improving culture,
relationships, communication and self-perceptions.”
Finch said it
is mandatory that the middle school teach those issues in accordance with the
state’s Dignity for All Students Act.
Parent Tara Burns told Fox
News, “The school is overstepping its bounds in not notifying parents first and
giving us the choice. I thought it was very inappropriate. That kind of
instruction is best left up to the parents.”
Parents of
middle-school boys were outraged by the school’s lessons on condom usage and
determining whether a girl is a slut.
“I was absolutely furious –
really furious,” said one parent of a 13-year-old boy. “They were teaching the
boys how to decipher if a girl is a slut.”
According to the parent,
who wished to remain anonymous, boys were told to determine whether girls are
promiscuous by the way they dress or the number of boys they
“We don’t judge people like that in our family,” she said.
“We don’t call women names because of what they wear or who they
According to Fox News, the parent also said boys were
instructed to always carry condoms in their wallets.
“These are
just kids,” she said. “I’m dumbfounded that they found this class was
Concerned individuals may contact Red Hook Central
Schools at (845)758-2241 or email Superintendent Paul Finch.