Facebook Deleted Ebola Outbreak Map . Com Account

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Facebook has deleted Ebola Outbreak Map . Com account.

Ebola Outbreak Map keeps track of ebola virus outbreaks and migrants infected with ebola as well locations with people being monitored for ebola virus.

Facebook deleted ebola outbreak map account after ebola outbreak map websites owners refused to upload their social security cards, drivers licenses and birth certificate to facebook.

Ebola Outbreak Map screen printed the request from facebook that Ebola Outbreak Map upload personal security documents to facebook in order to continue using facebook.

Hannity exclusive story interviewed Mr. Jacob Joseph who runs Ebola Outbreak Map.

This serious action by facebook was not something Americans should tolerate said Mr. Jacob Joseph.

People are dying by the thousands from Ebola Virus and facebook is not letting us tell people and track ebola virus on facebook.

Does facebook want people to die from Ebola Virus Mr. Jacob Joseph said.

The website Ebola Outbreak Map


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