Illegal Aliens Get Free Flights To United States

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Refugees on Planes is paying for flights for illegal aliens migrants to arrive on planes in the United States.

So far in 2019, refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo Africa  has been the number 1 country of origin of refugees seeking admittance to the united states.

Congo African refugees are arriving in the united states in greater numbers than any other country in the world.

D.R. Congo has accounted for about 12,500 refugees, followed by Burma (Myanmar) with 4,700, then Ukraine (3,800), Eritrea (1,700) and Afghanistan (1,000).
Texas, New York, Washington and California have resettled roughly a quarter of all refugees so far in fiscal 2019. Together, these states have taken in nearly 7,500 refugees. Other states that have received at least 1,000 refugees include Kentucky, Ohio, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia and Michigan. By contrast, Mississippi, the District of Columbia, Delaware and West Virginia have each resettled fewer than 10 refugees. Hawaii and Wyoming have taken in no refugees so far this fiscal year.

Ebola Outbreak Map . Com  did some serious internet research and was able to find out the organization that is paying for african migrants to fly on planes that are arriving each day here in the united states  and in europe.  Migrants fly on planes using airline tickets given to them by refugees on planes organization  from europe the migrants then are able to to take another flight  and arrive in united states.

Refugees on Planes main goal is to transport migrants by plane to countries all over the world to help the migrants flee violence, war and even Ebola Virus.

Refugees on Planes or ROP is a consortium of international NGOs and civil society set-up to provide efficient and immediate humanitarian protection to refugees affected by war. The long-term aim is to stop illegal migration over time- that puts lives at risk- and replace it with a controlled and safe movement of refugees by plane.

Refugees on Planes claims that migrants illegal aliens can  travel safely by plane and save money as air travel cost are less than 20% of what smugglers charge. Illegal aliens and vulnerable individuals such as single females and children are enabled to seek refuge who otherwise could not.

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